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Currently there are 8 different playable characters in Blazing Beaks. In Tournament mode all the characters are equal and their HP, starting weapon depends on the mode selected whereas in Story mode every character has a different starting weapon, different amount of HP/Max HP and some unique abilities.
Below you can find the summary of all the characters in Blazing Beaks. (Extra characters cannot be unlocked with modded characters but must be unlocked by using one of the base characters in the game)

Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Name Starting Weapon HP/Max HP To unlock Abilities
Character duck.png Duck Drizzler 5/5 -
  • Not shooting for 1 second reloads your weapon for next shot 3 times faster
  • Has 50% lower weapon range
Character platypus.png Platypus Spec Pistol 2 2/2 -
  • Gets additional loot by killing marked enemies until indicator disappears
  • Has 1 key
Character bluebird.png Bluebird Pistol 3/4 -
  • Any damage taken having 1 HP left, decreases max HP
  • By entering boss level, refills health converting every 5 coins to 1 HP
Character chicken.png Chicken Swift 4/4 -
  • Can kill marked enemies in one shot
  • Shoots inaccurately while running
  • Has 80% higher weapon range
Character parrot.png Parrot Teeny Tiny Laser Gun 3/3 -
  • Dealing damage to enemies reduce their walking speed for 2 seconds
  • Has 40% lower cooldown time for active abilities
  • Has 70% lower coin drop possibility

Locked characters[edit | edit source]

Character Name Starting Weapon HP/Max HP To unlock Abilities
Character penguin.png Penguin Snowball Cannon 4/4 Die once
  • Has a chance to clone killed enemy
  • By exchanging artefacts for every 2 risk value gets an additional heart drop
Character seagull.png Seagull Harpoon 3/3 Kill boss Bogy
  • Killing marked enemies makes them explode
Character egg.png Egg Toaster 1/1 Loop once
  • Has double weapon damage
  • Has immunity to toxic fumes
  • Can't pickup hearts