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Blazing Beaks has a Daily Runs type of run where players can compete with each other in a newly generated run everyday. Each daily run can be played only once and most unlockables cannot be unlocked in this mode. Daily run can be played in co-op mode too.

Players get ranked by the total score they accumulate in the end of the run. And here's more detailed information on how the score is calculated:

  • 10 points for every opened chest.
  • 30 points for every deal in the shop (artifacts/items exchange, weapon purchase, reviving co-op player).
  • Total risk value is your score multiplier.
  • Player gets the amount of points equal to killed enemy or boss starting HP.

Leaderboards[edit | edit source]

Besides you can view leaderboards after completing a Daily Run in the game, there are two ways to check the results later: